For the publishing of books, the dependence of the publisher on "the old guard" is out of the question. The income of a writer through the old publishing system is almost never more than 10% royalties and it (often) deprives the rights to your own life's work, thereby limiting the freedom to write from your own insights. Publishing a book can be done by executing it yourself or outsourcing it to third parties, and that depends on the ability and willingness of managing the book. The facets of publishing can be budgeted, the writer can master the entire process from publishing to selling through a small investment.


We offer a platform for writers who consider themselves to publish a book. This platform provides the possibility for writers to exchange their talents with a closed purse. Example : writer 1 does the interior work for the other writer and writer 2 takes care of the correction work of writer 1. It's a question and offer on this website, it will keep the cost low with preserving your own made income from own book. There is the possibility of sharing the knowledge with other writers. That provides an added value tot the content, in this way enriches the knowledge and know-how of releasing a private written book.

Editorial work

For spelling, style and language errors. When editing your manuscript we not only look at spelling and grammar but also at the correct punctuation, perspective, and logical connections. The syntax, style, spelling, tone, and rhythm. Rate € 14.50 per 1,000 words. We prepare manuscripts for the press, both for publishers and individuals.

OFFER now 10, - per 1,000 words

Interior design

Our design style is versatile, typographical, clear with an eye for detail. A rate of € 150 applies to the layout of the interior - as a PDF, without images, in combination with extensive text editing. We ensure that your book becomes legible with a sleek appearance on the inside.

OFFER € 99.00


We offer the possibility to have your book, column, poems or short stories, thesis or article proofread. You will receive a reading report in which recommendations and feedback are given that relate to structure, coherence, theme, characters, atmosphere, and storyline.

Request the ISBN number

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. A unique number with which bookstores, libraries, and distributors can easily order a book. ISBN number costs: € 120

Press release

Inform the press about your book. With a well-written press release, you can give your book sale a financial booster. A press release that is published on a website or in a newspaper or magazine means more attention and brand awareness for you and your book.

GRATIS GRATIS GRATIS E BOOK: http://www.nickypent.nl


So now spend it yourself.


All supplies are collected and ready for implementation. EXCITING! Publish yourself, free e-books and paperbacks in-house with Kindle Direct Publishing and reach millions of readers. Keep everything under your own control. Keep your rights in your own hands and set your own prices. Make changes to your books at any time.

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Central Bookhouse

How does your book reach the bookstore?

If you want to publish your book through the bookstore, you can become a member of all bookshops. This connection runs through the CB. The Centraal Boekhuis is the largest distribution platform for books in the Netherlands. Don't worry about distribution, complex administration, and payment transactions. Please note that you must specify a bookstore discount if you publish your book in this way. After your book is registered with the CB, it can be ordered from the more than 2500 bookstores that are affiliated with this agency.