Who I am

IAM ... Leonard Loman, writer of novels, poems and stories. I was born in the Netherlands in the late 60s. Fascinated by passionate writing from the heart, with a mystical note between the lines. During writing and reading, I began to better understand the world, the stories, poetry and the knowledge flowing from it. offer support. Feeling safe with a view of new and old times. A good book, is a source of inspiration and creates more understanding and awareness.

Every reader knows that stories ensure that you can step into another world for a moment. By showing my literature broadly and visibly, there is a wide range. With the aim of stimulating the well-being of the reader, to let them experience a bit of magic. A good book, let yourself step into another world and then return to your own with enrichment and new perspectives. Giving the book a home where the heart feels the recognition.

What I can offer

On this website we offer our readers all our new books that will be released between June 2019 and the end of 2020 ... which will be available everywhere after the date of issue.

Our team can offer added value for writers and publishers. Our team of specialists deliver high quality in all facets for the best prices. We can offer all facets that come into play when publishing a book. The team supports and advises on achieving the best results.

You can have us publish your book entirely or you can use parts of our knowledge. This way you can avoid the publishers who scrap you with a meager royalty and make you wait endlessly. Do you want a fee of 10% (publisher or rip off?) or a retention up to 80% of the selling price?

Our team is adequately employable, whereby the aim is for the writer and / or publisher to control the costs (expenditure) and publication (income). Members of our team have more than 20 years of experience and this has added value in offering:

Editorial work - Graphic design - Book cover and 3 d covers - Interior design - Test reading and assessment (Sharpening) - Writing coaching - Technical services - Edith - Correction Translation - Copyright rights - Link with the CB (2,500 bookshops) - Book trailers - Voices for audiobooks - Book trailers Marketing - PR - Promotion Press releases