Custom columns

We provide a tailor-made "brilliant column" for your trade magazine, newspaper or magazine.The desired subject is highlighted and viewed from all sides. It can be humorous, controversial and / or provocative texts.Leonard Loman, if desired, brings a recalcitrant, quirky, somewhat light-hearted vision of a certain subject.

Responding to current events of the day, of the week, month or years on the past and / or the future.

Leonard Loman takes your reader into account and coordinates what they would like to read or not. Every notebook is seen as a business card and he knows how to "impress the reader".

The reader is stimulated without exaggeration. Creating a structure with a common thread. Taking position and challenging. Offering a breath of fresh air that keeps the reader awake and up to date. Stylish sentences with a (possibly) surprising twist, with a bouncer or a feedback to the start with which it all started. Or a chosen open end ...

The personal view of the world of this writer or from a different perspective starts with a rate from € 395, -